Meet our Board

2018 - 2020 Board


Past President - Monica Yuhas

President - Vickie Richardson

President Elect - Kathy Edwards

Recording Secretary - Cindy  Briesemeister 

Treasurer - Michelle Rundle

Corresponding Secretary - Anita Potts

New Members!


Welcome  Diane Werenski, our newest member of GFWC - Pleasant Prairie Woman's Club

Questions, concerns, comments or suggestions


Do you have a question that the Board can help you with or maybe a suggestion?  We would love to hear about it here.

Things to know


Mission Statement

 GFWC - Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club is a woman’s organization dedicated to community improvement, promoting individual growth and supports education and family.  

What's coming up next?

Stay tuned for more exciting happenings from GFWC-Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club!

Calendar of Events

Thanks for the compliment!

"Elizabeth Closet would like to thank the Pleasant Prairie Woman's Club for their thoughtfulness. The clothes and supplies will go to many needy families in our community. Last year alone EC served over 200 families with over 400 children. THANK YOU for your generosity! "

What's going on in the Federation?

Read the latest News & Notes here.

Did you know?

GFWC-Pleasant Prairie Woman's Club was recently featured in the Kenosha News.  Read the article HERE.

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Did you know?

What does it mean?


 GFWC’s emblem depicts a circular band signifying eternity. In the center of the circular band, the crusader’s shield emerges from a darkened world (represented by the field of darkness), which represents enlightenment. The enameled colors—red, white, and blue—are the colors of the United States of America. The red implies courage, the white equals purity, and the blue stands for constancy. 

What Does it mean?


This logo was created for Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club by our Past President, Gayle Chido in 1977.

This logo was designed to represent the inspiration of the GFWC Pleasant Prairie Woman’s Club:

The Wheel - Our Circle of Activity to the Community.

The Fence – May we mend all in what we do. 

The Flowers – For us to bloom as we achieve. 

The Gate - Let us always be open to people and new ideas.

The Road - May it lead us to never-ending happiness as we serve others.